How to play pokies?

how to play pokiesFirstly, there are many different types of pokies. Some machines are mechanical and some are digital, although the digital ones are not too popular. They are not popular because people do not trust they are fair. Although honestly, all pokies machines are fair, even the digital ones. The differences between different machines are mostly in the game itself. Some pokies machines have wild card symbols that can stand in for any symbol.

Some machines have a continuous play where you can freeze one symbol in place and keep spinning. And of course, there are games that have no bonus, one bonus or many bonuses, depending on the combination. All in all, the games are very dynamic and fun to play. Even if you weren’t playing for money, the machines are designed to be absolutely fascinating to play.

As for how to actually play a single game of pokies, the system is simple. You insert a certain amount of coins, corresponding in value to a certain amount of dollars, then you either choose a certain bet, depending on the machine, or you simply pull the lever and watch the symbols roll. In a few seconds, they stop spinning and given that your combination pays out, you receive money.

The chances of winning at pokies are relatively high, given how they work. The odds are fair and always random, which means you can never know what is going to happen next. You could literally observe for patterns an infinite number of times without actually being able to predict what will happen next. With this in mind, the odds become both fair and difficult, because you are not playing a game of skill, rather a game of chance. So to that end, how do you win, if at all?

The answer is, with the combination of different playing styles. If you keep playing the same pokie machine, with the same tactic, over and over again, the more you play the more you will lose. That means that you will have to switch up your tactic if you want to actually profit, if at all. Firstly, consider that if you win your first game of the day, you have successfully conquered the pokie machine. You only need to earn more than what you have to be a winner. So to that end, pick your battles. Don’t always go for the jackpot. Rather, play around with the other possible combinations. For instance, there are pokies that pay a sort of insurance, every time you hit a certain symbol. With that in mind, you should pick that machine over a machine that has a wild card, because of higher odds of getting your money back.

Furthermore, there is always the tactic of doubling your bet with every consecutive play, which is why a lot of pokies actually limit their bets to five specific betting possibilities. That being said, consider that you should always stay strong and stay disciplined. That is how all gambling is done. If you want to win at pokies, don’t get lost and don’t get ahead of yourself. Keep steady and find what works for you. Find the right game and find the right tactic. Above all, play it safe. And remember, you don’t need to quadruple your deposit to consider yourself a winner. Every dollar that you earn, is a dollar you didn’t previously have.